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I loved it and will recommend it to everyone. There is even room for a sequel! Jonathan E., Miami, FL
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This morning was a most wonderful experience with the sun streaming in on my easy chair, a cup of coffee in hand and the conclusion of Johann Sebastian Humpback and a Steeler win. A very good morning, indeed.

Jamie, your book is such a good tale -- so suspenseful and endearing at the same time. I think that it will make a most excellent movie -- you are on to something. Anita J., Anderson, CA
I'm going to take Johann to school and show it to my teacher. I think everyone in my class should read it. Natalie E., Age 12 Fairfax Station, VA
This sweet story is tremendous! As a retired school teacher I recognize its value for middle grade students.Not only is it fun and exciting to read, but also provides a bit of a lesson in the language and history of Hawaii. ... A tale of family loyalty and a brain teaser all in one package, any age can enjoy this book. Jackie E., Fairfax Station, VA

Amazing Review by Anuhea Yagi,

Author Jamie David has a knack for good dialogue that moves the story effectively — even when it includes talking animals. The fact that the plot doesn't shy away from the fantastical is a plus. Because while I believe there is such a thing as too much pretend, I am also of the opinion that good-natured imagination is fast slipping away from our plugged-in kids nudged well beyond their years.
Most easy to appreciate is the vocabulary. The book doesn't assume too little of its young readers—as kids books so often do—and its colorful descriptiveness makes good use of analogy that does not, with any regularity, err toward cliché. Anuhea Yagi,

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By Jamie David

Blairsville native writes whale of a book for tweens. By Gina DelFavero, BLAIRSVILLE DISPATCH

Blairsville native Jamie David, 64, who now lives in Hawaii, is a first-time author whose children's tale "Johann Sebastian Humpbach" landed on bookstore shelves near her home in the Aloha State. (2010-02-26)

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