By Jamie David

Aloha and Welcome!

Chai Yo Maui Press Presents:

Adventure awaits as you turn the pages of this suspenseful tale set on Hawai’i’s sunny shores, and in its deep, dark depths.

Johann Sebastian Humpbach is missing. The world’s most popular singing whale has vanished while on his annual migration from Alaska to Hawai’i

Meanwhile, twelve-year-old twins Keoni and Leilani have received a big surprise for their birthday. Little did they know that the gift from Auntie Pua and Uncle Kalani would lead to the adventure of a lifetime.

While on a birthday snorkel trip, Keoni and Leilani find a clue to Johann’s mysterious disappearance. The chance discovery causes the twins to join in the search for Johann.

Will the twins rescue Johann? Will their loving family find the missing twins? Will Dr. Vile and his henchmen silence the twins and succeed in their mean, treacherous and cowardly plot?

The Story Continues . . .

A Whale of a Tale

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